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Prime Timers of Washington, D.C.

Send Snail Mail to:
Bill Latham, Prime Timers of DC
3101 S. Manchester St. #601
Falls Church, VA 22044

Give us a call on (703) 671-2454.

Send an e-mail to

Testimonial photo of Bill Latham

Testimonial:  It wasn’t until Bill Latham was in his early fifties that he came out. “It took me a little while to get started.”  Still, Bill says, he felt estranged in a community that idolizes youth. “When you get past a certain age, which is 45 or 50, you become invisible. It was discouraging.” Not willing to give up, Bill started culling local newspapers to find a group where he could meet men of his age bracket and noticed an item announcing the formation of The Prime Timers of D.C. Bill says that Prime Timers was exactly what he was looking for. “I’ve been able to socialize with and meet some very nice people that I call my friends,” he says. “It’s a real camaraderie.”  Contact us for more information at Prime Timers of D.C.

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