“Bringing together mature gay and bisexual men for friendship, activities, support and personal growth.”


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We normally meet each Wednesday at 6:15 pm at the Dupont Italian Kitchen for socializing and conversation, followed by dinner.  This event has been canceled for the health and safety of us all.

Prime Timers jump for joy
Prime Timers jump for joy

Prime Timers of D.C. is a social organization for older gay and bisexual men (you must be 21 to join).  Prime Timers of D.C. was found on January 28, 1996.  Prime Timers serves as a catalyst for bringing together mature men in the D.C. Area for social and recreational activities. We are a chapter of Prime Timers World Wide. Prime Timers of D.C. has members ranging in age from 29 to 92 years old.

Membership:  A one year membership in the club runs from July 1st to June 30th of each year. Membership dues are $30.00 per year. Members receive a monthly “Prime Timers of D.C. Newsletter” to keep them informed of club activities.

Join Us:  Click on our "Join Us" page to learn how to join Prime Timers of D.C.

Events:  Visitors are always welcome at all events.  All events have been canceled.  Please check out our "Events Page."

Contact Us:  Visit our "Contact Us" page if you would like to know more about Prime Timers of D.C.  We look forward to meeting you!

Special Announcement for Our Members:

Stay in touch with the other members of Prime Timers of DC by joining our "PTDC Group" on Facebook.  Contact us at dcprimetimers@gmail.com for more information.


Diversity Statement

Prime Timers of D.C. strives to be a model of diversity and inclusion. We respect, value, and celebrate the unique attributes, characteristics, and perspectives that make up a diverse population of mature Gay, Bi and Trans-men as well as our younger admirers. We will always work to create an environment where club members feel supported, listened to, and are enabled to do their personal best.

Our Goal

The purpose of Prime Timers of D.C. is to provide mature gay and bisexual men with opportunities to come together in a supportive environment to enjoy social, educational and recreational activities.  Prime Timers of D.C. always strives be inclusive of any self-identified men regardless of race, age (21 or older) nationality, sexual orientation, physical ability, ethnic background, religion, or political affiliation.

Prime Timers are older gay or bisexual men (and younger men 21 and older who admire mature men). Our members are men who choose to have their social lives enriched by the diverse activities in which our members engage. No single definition can describe Prime Timers, as we come from all walks of life. As Prime Timers, we involve ourselves in our community with volunteerism, politics, GLBT issues, arts, entertainment, and every other facet of modern life. Prime Timers of D.C. are fathers, sons, grandfathers, husbands, lovers and more. We are workers and we are retired. Some of us are always on the go, and some enjoy the quiet company of others at home. We enjoy getting together for dinner, movies, day trips and more. Join Prime Timers today so you too can enjoy the opportunities and friendships that develop with other Prime Timers.